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Friday = Epiphany Day

Just had another brilliant “AH HA!” moment while doing research for my thesis. Still developing research on retail concepts such as “How we shop?” “Why we shop?” “How we learn while we shop?”

I have to develop three scales of my research – Macro (Systems), Medium (Region), and finally Small (Site) Scale. I’ve already kind of explained my macro systems scale, and Chicago will most likely be my Regional Scale. The actual building site has not been decided yet, so that leaves a lot of wiggle room presently!

I was able to find a number of great case studies pertinent to my concepts! Two projects by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design, one called pull.push.slide.pivot.lift.tilt.turn and another called Pop-Up Office.

pull.push.slide.pivot.lift.tilt.turn plays on some of my modularity concepts and maneuverability of the interiors to suit the needs of retailers, students, and future tenants. I like the idea that the space is constantly in flux and to the whim of the inhabitants.

Pop-Up Office is a brilliant little shipping crate concept for an office space that plays off four major needs: Focus, Collaborate, Lounge and Refuel. I appreciated the simple design aesthetic and modularity. Finding this project rekindled my love affair with shipping containers and their ability to make spaces within a larger setting. This may be a perfect opportunity to create more space and movement within my design!

Now… to research these scales some more! I need to find out what types of stores host events, classes, and meetings…? what types? how often or when? and how they came up with the idea in the first place?!