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Final Semester – A Fresh Start

Hi Everyone,

It’s finally come to this… the last semester of my thesis research and development with Harrington. I’m sure I will continue on this work far beyond my time at Harrington, but now I am on the final stretch. I’ll be graduating in 13 weeks and I need to get some concepts nailed down!

A building has been decided on at least. The Cuneo Memorial Hospital, designed by Edo Belli in 1957. A very unique building, constructed during the heavy modernist period… probably much to the intrigue of other architects at the time, this is truly a one of a kind building! With the possibility of being torn down in the near future, I was immediately drawn to its interesting forms and masses. This will prove to be a challenging floor plan!

Cuneo_01     Cuneo_07

Still hashing out my final programming, it seems to change every time I work on my base drawings. I have a meeting with my thesis chair in about 2 hours, so I’m sure plenty will change then as well!